Why Your Company Should Consider a Website Redesign

by | May 17, 2016 | Web design, Web Development

In today’s digital world, businesses are always on – and competition is high. It’s  important, then, that your company increases engagement on your website, by providing your target audience with the right messaging and visuals to convert clients, including fresh content, and a fluid, clean, responsive website.

There’s no debate about it; the engagement you receive on your company website influences your brand’s ability to generate sales and leads. If basic functionalities and core design elements are not up to par, you won’t be able to keep users on your site – let alone keep them engaged with your brand.

According to a report from the Society of Digital Agencies, 77 percent of agencies polled believe that poor UX design is a weakness for their clients. To stay relevant and competitive, a lot of brands undergo periodic website redesigns. Whether your company is looking for a lower bounce rate, needs to keep users on your site longer, or wants to increase your conversion rate, redesigning your website can help with every one of these concerns.

If you’re wondering whether your brand’s website needs a redesign, consider the following 4 warning signs:

  1.      A Cluttered, Too-Busy Homepage

A big mistake is to inundate your site’s visitors with an overwhelming amount of homepage content. Trust us, it can be quite tempting to try and fit in as much content as possible with a heavy homepage.

It’s understandable, as a business owner, to have the mindset that if you try and give the user a ton of information up front, they’ll be sold on your product or service – or at least want to navigate to other pages to learn more. Unfortunately, website navigation just doesn’t work this way. You only have a precious few seconds to capture the interest of a website visitor, so you must be concise and to the point with the content you supply on your homepage.

As users, we don’t want to read big, heavy paragraphs when we’re just being introduced to a company for the first time. Your website should be designed so that your core value proposition is most evident on the homepage. Why are you different – and better than – your competitors in the marketplace?

Let your landing pages showcase additional details that a user may find relevant to their needs, as they want to continue to learn more about you.

  1.      An Unresponsive Design that Doesn’t Work on all Platforms

This is a big one – and one of the most important reasons for website redesign by a professional designer. Keep in mind that most people visiting your site these days for the first time are on a mobile device – and will only continue to do so in bigger numbers as the months and years go by.

A responsive design will allow your business to accommodate all users that navigate to your website, regardless of whether they’re using a desktop, smartphone, or tablet/iPad.

  1.      A Slow, Crawling Site

Slow site speed can create problems for your digital presence, including diminished SEO, higher bounce rate, and poorer overall user experience. If your website is slow, there’s a good chance that it is poorly developed, or you’re using a slow hosting platform. If this is the case, it’s time to change that. Your potential customers are not patient, and they expect results, immediately, at the click of the button.

If your site isn’t loading and operational in under a few seconds, you’ll have more visitors hitting the back button – and a high bounce rate. Check your site speed and get with a design professional if you’re unsure.

  1.      Poor Visuals/Graphics

Visuals and graphics are everything in today’s marketing environment – and nothing gives the impression that you don’t invest in your brand and its customers like poor graphics. Generally speaking, most people can see through the façade of stock images. Instead, they want to view authentic visuals that show them what it’s like to use your products, or work with your brand’s team members. With so many alternatives to boring stock photography, like original iPhone photos and creating inexpensive digital illustrations, there is really no reason to deter customers with poor quality imagery.

Instead, work with a designer to use your imagery to build a personal relationship with your target audience. A website redesign can help you add authentic, real-life-scenario images in an impactful way.

Website Redesign is Worthwhile for Today’s Brands and Businesses

Redesigning your website is one of the most powerful things you can do for your company’s online success. Your website is arguably your most important and far-reaching communication tool. By following best practices for your website and contacting a knowledgeable, professional design team, like the team here at NoBorder, you can help your company with improved ROI and increased brand visibility.

Need some help with redesigning your website?

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