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Aug 25, 2015 | NoBorder, Remote work

Do you really need an office?

Many companies do and that’s undeniable, you get to socialize, spend time with people, you discover how great teamwork is, see a fantastic presentation prepared by someone from your department and discover your colleague’s working habits. But we all know that some people work better in a quiet, distraction free environment. Can working in an office crammed with people provide that? Another thing, why do some people still assume that if you work from home/ cafe / park / beach you just pretend that you’re doing something? Is being locked in a cubicle really necessary to do something good? Do we need to spend 8 hours in an office to prove that we’re capable of being productive? Of course not, not with the modern technology.

Working 9-5?

Does it make any sense to sit in the building you don’t necessarily like and pretend you’re still working, when you finished all the work two hours ago? Yes, it does, cause your boss requires you to work 8 hours regardless of how much you need to do. We’ve all seen people playing solitaire, thinking no one could see it. Yeah, right. I’m not saying there’s something wrong about playing computer games (as long as your supervisor doesn’t see it), I’m saying that they should be home instead. When you’re motivated and know what to do, it doesn’t matter where you do it, and it certainly doesn’t matter which part of the day you choose to do it. You just need to get it done.

It’s not about being controlled, it’s about being productive.

This is why we’ve created our company. We’re not going to ask anyone to come to our office if he or she doesn’t feel like doing it. Want to work at the beach? If you’re not afraid of the sand destroying your notebook’s guts, go ahead and do it. You’re not an early bird and prefer working after midnight? Great, we like it too. As long as we meet the deadlines, who cares when we do it? That’s what remote work is all about.


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