90% of startups fail and it’s ok

Aug 17, 2015 | NoBorder, Startups, What we do

Startups fail, oh, really?

Startups are companies based on developing new ideas. And what’s the most famous quote about startups? The one from Forbes, of course: “90% of Startups Fail”. Yes, maybe, but on the other hand, 10% are doing great, right? Every day we hear about new companies with ingenious ideas that help people in different areas of life. Check the app made for firefighters, where they note details from their work, the level of dangerous substances, harmful gases, in order to protect themselves from serious health problems. That is truly awesome, isn’t it? Makes you feel proud that people like that exist. That people want to help people. That they are actually doing it for a good reason!

That’s the kind of world without borders we all want to live in.

We enjoy working with people, listening to their plans and needs and we are truly fond of startups, people with unconventional ideas, who wish to break standards and create exceptional products. It’s such a pleasure to see them achieve their goals and gain popularity in the network. So if you have an idea and want to bring it into life, we might be the people you really want to talk to.

During the San Diego Startup Week, which, by the way, was an awesome event, we noticed there are hundreds of people with outsanding ideas, but without the knowledge of how to start their projects, how to check and promote their inventions. That’s where we come in!

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