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Aug 2, 2015 | Know-how, NoBorder, Startups, What we do

Do you own a company looking for a place to grow its wings? Do you have an idea you want to bring to life but don’t know where to find the right people to help you with it? Or maybe you’ve just earned your first million and want to move to a vibrant city full of interesting and creative people?

The answer is obvious – you’re looking for San Diego. It really is the place to be – to live and to work. Yes, that’s the right order. Don’t be a workaholic, please.

But let’s start from the beginning. Why California? There’s no point talking about the weather, we all know it just couldn’t be better. Imagine this situation: you’ve been sitting in front of your computer for 8 hours, your brain’s melted and you just can’t do it anymore. What do you do? Go to the beach (there’s so many of them here) and feel the energy coming back to you!

San Francisco?

Before we settled here, we considered a few other options, but none of the cities we thought of compared to San Diego. First it was San Francisco, which seemed like a perfect destination, but as soon as we began looking for a condo, blue turned to grey. Ridiculously high prices for unfurnished studios? And then you need to promise the landlord to renovate the place before you move in? Well, that’s very convenient, isn’t it? Not for you, though. Another thing is the life-work balance, which doesn’t seem to work there, at least not for those who have just started their business.

Los Angeles?

So, think about other big cities like San Fran, where you get to meet people from startups while ordering drinks at Starbucks. Los Angeles? Maybe, but not everybody likes such great contrasts and juxtapositions. Here’s the famous Walk of Fame… too bad it smells of urine. What’s more, LA is large, you can’t live there without a car and the traffic jams are the worst in the US. So no, thank you.

San Diego?

I have no idea why, but somehow people don’t talk about San Diego. San Francisco is famous for its architecture, hills, and the cable cars, LA has all the TV shows, but what exactly can you get in San Diego? You can rent a beautiful place for a reasonable price, if you want an office, you can find one in a blink of an eye (and you don’t need to take a bank loan for that either), and you’re all set. Now focus on building your customer base and go to the beach on Saturday and Sunday. Eat some Mexican food in Old Town and just enjoy your life in beautiful San Diego!



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