NoBorder: Our Quest to Innovate Remote Work in 2016 & Why We Need You

by | Apr 5, 2016 | NoBorder, Our work, Remote work, Startups

It’s Springtime here in San Diego – one of the most beautiful and treasured times of year for both residents and visitors. The flowers are blooming; the sea shores are now packed with people, and save a few rain showers, it’s a wonderful time of year to work outside!

Trust us, there’s nothing like spending your days designing an app for a client on a breezy café porch, met by the sights and sounds of thick, foamy ocean waves, or writing emails and chatting with clients on Slack, all the while nestled under an umbrella at the vibrant local coffee shop.

We’ll take remote work over the office life any day.

Better yet, throes of online headlines say that remote work is our workforce’s future. If this is how we’ll be working for the next 30 years, we’re pretty happy with how things are trending!

As you may know, we’ve been traveling and working remote for years now, and we are BIG, big advocates of remote work and strengthening the remote work community for fellow nomads like us. That is exactly why we created NoBorder.

Inspired past and present by remote teams and ingenious startup companies like Buffer, Automattic, and Basecamp (which was originally founded in 1999!), we are also passionate about making the web an even better place to work and do business. This year, it seems that everything is coming together for remote workers, including more acceptance of the freelance life and more tools to help designers and developers thrive on their own.

What does all of this mean for you – for us?

To start, remote work is not going away – it will only become more commonplace as employers and their employees alike realize the potential and advantages that traditional work will never be able to provide. This includes flexibility, a more focused, productive environment, the cutting of labor and materials costs, reduced stress, no more commute – the list is endless.

And right now, you and I have an edge, because we’re already aware of the way employment and client service is trending. This moment is impeccable timing, because it’s time for you and I to get ahead of the power curve and master the art of remote work before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

That’s why, this year, in addition to our client work, we are creating a myriad of ways to help you with making the most of remote work. Our goals are to encourage creatives, designers, and developers to try the remote life, to educate new and current remote workers about how to best work remote, and to be a resource and support system for the entire global remote work community.

In fact, we’re building the Remotler app for you, designed to help you build a dream team of remote designers and developers and/or just make the process of looking for a remote job far less complicated. We’re also working on our Nomad Tracker app to help you team up with creative talent in your area, put your projects in motion, and make communication among remote workers easier overall.

While our name, NoBorder, is definitely an homage to the remote work life itself, we also see another meaning in it – the fact that our way of life is limitless. Through all of the challenges, including being a business owner, freelancer, and traveler, we must always, always remember that we have been provided a special opportunity to create our professional and personal lives just as we see them – and that is a pretty amazing thing that your parents probably never dreamed possible.  

This means, though, that we can’t do anything without you! If you are a fan of NoBorder, and have ideas for our apps or community, or alternatively, you’re interested in building apps, or other digital products, like websites for new startups, we’re here for you! That’s what we’re all about – providing comprehensive resources for remote workers that you can’t find anywhere else.

The NoBorder team would love for you to comment below and tell us what *you* are most excited about in remote work in 2016. And don’t hesitate to email me at

Cheers to the rest of 2016!



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