New Group Travel Services for Digital Nomads

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Freelancing, Remote work

Remote working has become so popular, that brand new, leading edge services designed to cater to today’s freelancer are popping up everywhere. One of the latest revolutionary ideas? Group travel services for remote workers, comprised of end-to-end travel planning and logistics for digital nomads who have the extra cash to leave the planning to someone else. From hotels and apartments to transportation to exotic excursions, these unique startup travel companies can provide a full-service digital nomad experience, especially designed for designers and developers like you.

Remote Year, the oldest service of the three we discuss here, provides a full-year journey experience, with the next one beginning in June 2016. Seventy-five remote workers are accepted each year, and will visit 12 total locations, one for each month of the rapid, year-long program. This year’s freelance group will visit Central and South America, as well as Central and Eastern Europe. It’s $27,000 total for the entire year, paid in an introductory $5,000 deposit, and then $2,000 for every month of the trip. With the full cost, you get a year of accommodations, all travel between destinations, and a common workspace available to you and your group 24 hours a day.

They’ll also organize tours, events, and speaker days to keep you busy and inspired. Keep in mind that Remote Year wants you to commit to the entire year of travel, not just a part of the program. Also keep in mind that if you decide on extra activities or traveling out of town, you’ll need to take care of those expenses on your own.

Another similar service is called The Remote Experience, which debuts this summer, in June. Unlike Remote Year, which already has a year under its belt, The Remote Experience is just getting its footing. It’s a shorter, four-month journey, and this year freelancers will travel to Croatia, Italy, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

It’s $10,000 for four months, and all-inclusive like Remote Year, with all accommodations, travel, and social networking events and co-working spaces provided daily. Applicants must submit at least a $3,000 deposit and pay $1,750 a month for the experience. With the package, you also get travel insurance and local ambassadors to guide you through each destination. The program will even offer you a $300 referral credit toward your last payment if a friend joins you on the trip. If you like smaller groups, this crowd is much smaller than the 75 that travel through Remote Year.

The final one that we know about at this time is creatively named, Terminal 3. This travel service is also taking its inaugural tour this summer. Thirty total participants will tour six countries over six months, including Portugal, Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea. Terminal 3’s experience costs £9,200 for six months, with a £2,000 deposit up front. If you’re converting to US dollars, expect to spend about $13,000 total.

You’ll get everything included that the other companies provide, with additional perks like twice-weekly get together meals with your group, and weekly language and yoga classes. You’ll also participate in philanthropic work as part of the experience. It’s an extremely holistic program, and one lucky winner will get a scholarship to pay their trip in full.

Exciting, right? Remember, though, that none of these travel services provide work – the three companies above require you to apply and have a project planned in order to participate. If you’re on a budget, but are intrigued by the prospect, you may save considerable money by planning the trip yourself.

Also consider that group travel and digital nomad life is unique and not for every remote worker! If you’re looking for an individualized, unique experience, you should again consider your own trip. The types of adventures above are quite structured, which undoubtedly removes some of the spontaneity out of it. Finally, remember that even if these programs aren’t the right fit, the service type will likely expand as remote life expands, too – and you can always watch and learn from their strengths and weaknesses while planning your own group trip with friends. You may even find inspiration from these travel services and plan your own hybrid trip, combining all-inclusive travel with your own remote adventure.



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