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In the future we are planning to describe NoBorder Productions case studies, who knows, maybe someday someone will find it useful. Hopefully you will enjoy it. If you feel like sharing your knowledge, write about your ideas, feel free to contact us, we’d love to help! Maybe we’ll build your idea together?

What to Expect in Joining a Brand New Tech Startup

What to Expect in Joining a Brand New Tech Startup

Over the last 10 years, movies, television, and the news media managed to paint a dramatic, rather seductive picture of startup success – a quick rise to the top; much more sensuous and sparkling than messy and chaotic. Founding or joining up with a fresh, brand new tech startup team is an exciting possibility – but it’s also risky, demanding, and much more difficult than it looks on the Internet or TV.

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The Changing Face of Remote Work

Remote working has changed; increasing dramatically over the last decade – but many forget that remote work, in its most general sense, has had a long, rich, and storied history.

Long before you and I started working freelance, during the industrial era, a spectrum of varied, skilled tradespeople, like carpenters, farmers, and blacksmiths, often had their work places attached to their homes. Only after the Industrial Revolution did big, automated machines necessitate factory working – and the dreaded commute. With administrative support staff soon following, the “office life” was born.

Enjoying Your Own Company

Think back for a moment – when was the last time you enjoyed an activity outside the home by yourself? Are you comfortable doing things alone, like going to a restaurant, seeing a movie, or getting coffee?

Humans are social creatures, and undoubtedly, we often prefer to enjoy company with friends and loved ones. No matter whether we are introverts or extroverts, or how much time we like to spend with others in a given day or week – we still desire – and need – a strong connection with our fellow human beings.

How to Sell Your Mobile App Design Services

Today’s mobile app design professionals know that they have two jobs – the first one is designing crisp, engaging, user-friendly apps, and the second role is to successfully sell those services to his or her potential clients. Sure, you create stellar mobile apps – but you must convince your sales lead that you are the right designer for the job. As a former boss always said to me, “they don’t know you from Adam”. It’s true! You must have the verbal, written, and portfolio skills to illustrate your expertise to the world.

How to Dodge Mobile App Design Failure

You design crisp, user-friendly apps on a regular basis. But what about when mobile app design is a colossal failure? It may never happen to you as a designer, but it could – and we know you want to avoid the situation at all costs.
How can you best dodge mobile app design failure? Let’s first take a look at the fundamental reasons why mobile app design may break down.

Top Industries Changed by Mobile Apps

How much have mobile apps have changed your life? From dinner ideas to music playlists to a convenient ride home, there’s an app that can do that for you – and with it, an industry that has been changed forever.

We’ve put together a list of 10 industries that have been dramatically changed by mobile app development – and while this list does not encompass the myriad of areas that have grown by way of the mighty mobile app, these 10 are definitely some of the biggest head turners of recent memory.

5 Friendly Global Work Spots for Digital Nomads

Are you a remote worker who is dreaming of a true, digital nomad life? If you’re eager to travel the world and make a living at the same time, this is no longer a dream for today’s designer.

Join tens of thousands of digital nomad freelance designers across the globe who travel while they work. As an homage to this new way of working remotely that we love so much, here are our picks for the best places in the world for remote work nomads. Bonus – each city has fast Internet!

Are You Ready to Be One of Digital Nomads?

Many of today’s “digital nomads”, or mobile, tech-savvy remote workers, will tell you that they are of a special breed – and remote work life is definitely not for everyone. Despite the trendiness of remote work and startups in the news, at universities across the country, and in our social circles – not everyone is cut out to be a digital nomad.

How do you know if you’re ready for the remote work life? Here are 5 signs that will help you decide if you’re ready to become a digital nomad this year.

How to be More Productive with Remote Work in 2016

If your New Year’s Resolution is to be more productive in your remote work environment in 2016, or to work better with your remote team, congratulations! It’s so important to stay productive, balanced, and communicative when you’re a remote worker.

To assist in your inspiration, we’ve compiled some of the best tips for developers and designers so they can work successfully in 2016. Here are our Top 5 Tips for staying productive in your remote work environment this year.

Apps You Can Use as Examples for Your Business

When it comes to building a mobile app for your business, which apps can you look to, on both iPhone and Android, as the current “gold standard”? Furthermore, with the countless amount of apps on the market today, how do you know that the most popular consumer apps are necessarily the best examples for your company size, aim, and industry?

Native App or Hybrid App: Which is Better?

One of the most fundamental decisions you will make in the process of creating your company’s unique mobile app is whether it will be a native app or hybrid app. How do you and your developer decide whether native app development or hybrid app development is superior? Which is better for your business, and ultimately, your app users?

The Hidden Costs of Mobile App Development

Are you eager to build a hybrid, native, or enterprise mobile app for your company, but you’re worried about potential hidden costs? If you read our blog on mobile app budgets and now know what a mobile app may cost you – you may also be wondering if you need to pad that budget for surprises.
To assist you in your consideration, we’ve highlighted five potential hidden costs of mobile app development – that is, costs that may come up down the road, or those that you hadn’t thought of before you started thinking seriously about hiring a developer to build your mobile app.



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