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This is the place, where we want to introduce NoBorder Productions and write a bit about our rules and methods of dealing with projects, cooperation with customers, freelancers, and most of all, remote work that we truly love.

In the future we are planning to describe NoBorder Productions case studies, who knows, maybe someday someone will find it useful. Hopefully you will enjoy it. If you feel like sharing your knowledge, write about your ideas, feel free to contact us, we’d love to help! Maybe we’ll build your idea together?

Tips for Effective Mobile App Design Testing

The testing phase of the mobile app design process is one of the most crucial parts of an app developer’s work – for both short term and long term success in the profession. In fact, the testing phase is as vital as the development and design of the application itself. If you rush through the testing phase and launch an app before its ready, it may become a failure that your client – and your reputation – don’t recover from.

NoBorder: Our Quest to Innovate Remote Work in 2016 & Why We Need You

Inspired past and present by remote teams and ingenious startup companies like Buffer, Automattic, and Basecamp (which was originally founded in 1999!), we are also passionate about making the web an even better place to work and do business. This year, it seems that everything is coming together for remote workers, including more acceptance of the freelance life and more tools to help designers and developers thrive on their own.

Today’s Best Tools for UI/UX Design

There’s no debating that the design profession continues to ebb, flow, and change rapidly. The modern designer’s clients (and their clients) have become accustomed to, and fully expect, a rich, high-end, user-friendly experience across all platforms. As a designer in a competitive, noisy industry, failure to deliver on that essential expectation of the best in user experience can quickly leave you without customers. Which UI/UX design tools should you use with your clients, then, to ensure you produce a first-rate experience, every time?

When Responsive Sites Are Just Not Enough  

Sometimes, a responsive website design is just not enough. If you read our blog on responsive web design, you may be confused! Let me explain.
Yes, it’s still indeed crucial that you have a responsive website that adapts to different screen sizes—this hasn’t changed, and it won’t for the foreseeable future. However, the way in which a responsive site is created does matter, and may have implications for your website design.

The Guide to Remote Work Hiring for Freelancers and Their Employers

It’s no secret anymore – remote work makes for a great professional and personal life, and some of the most talented creative and technical specialists in the world choose to work outside the office. Business owners and hiring managers have noticed the shift in the employment landscape, are beginning to embrace remote hires, too.

In fact, some of the biggest companies in the world are now hiring remote workers on a regular basis, which will continue to make it tougher for organizations that refuse to offer remote staff to grab the best talent.

Buffer: The King of Remote Work Culture

When we’re asked if there’s a company that epitomizes our idea of excellent remote work culture, the first one that comes to our minds is Buffer.

What started in 2010 as a young man’s bedroom idea, Buffer has now grown to 25 employees, and promotes an awesome offsite culture that’s just as authentic as its roots. Buffer’s original two members, Joel and Leo, were profoundly impacted by Dale Carnegie’s classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and from that book, they created 10 values to guide the Buffer organization. These 10 values have shaped Buffer into what it is today

Communicating with Your Remote Team through Email

Remote workers spend a considerable amount of time communicating with their teams and clients through email. For a freelancer, the ability to write effectively is an essential skill, and in a mixed-method world where all factions of people, from millennials to baby boomers, are interacting with each other through email communication, you’ll want to make sure you know how to write professionally in a remote business environment.

How to Communicate with Your Remote Team and Clients

Communication is the essence of how people connect – and it’s the foundation of everything in our social relationships, from friendships to romance to our professional lives; even how we interact with our teams and our clients.

In fact, search the word “communication” on Google, and on the first page, you’ll find guides to effective communication peppered in between the word’s very definition. It’s obvious that with communication comes difficulty in communication, too, because we are all unique human beings with our own novel, past experiences. Just because we speak the same language doesn’t mean we speak the same language of life – and with that, misunderstandings happen between our friends, teams, and clients all the time.

New Group Travel Services for Digital Nomads

Remote working has become so popular, that brand new, leading edge services designed to cater to today’s freelancer are popping up everywhere. One of the latest revolutionary ideas? Group travel services for remote workers, comprised of end-to-end travel planning and logistics for digital nomads who have the extra cash to leave the planning to someone else. From hotels and apartments to transportation to exotic excursions, these unique startup travel companies can provide a full-service digital nomad experience, especially designed for designers and developers like you.



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