How to Sell Your Mobile App Design Services

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Apps, Mobile, Web design

Today’s mobile app design professionals know that they have two jobs – the first one is designing crisp, engaging, user-friendly apps, and the second role is to successfully sell those services to his or her potential clients. Sure, you create stellar mobile apps – but you must convince your sales lead that you are the right designer for the job. As a former boss always said to me, “they don’t know you from Adam”. It’s true! You must have the verbal, written, and portfolio skills to illustrate your expertise to the world.

With that said, how can you best sell your mobile app design services in a competitive market, a saturated digital wasteland where it’s hard for clients to tell who is really good at mobile app design, and who is full of it?


You deserve to stand out. Make it happen (and make some mobile app sales!) with these tips:

Communicate the Benefits of Both Mobile Apps and Your Unique Services Effectively

Your job is to communicate your personal value proposition plus the value proposition of building a mobile app, whether that’s in person, on your website, in your PPC ad campaigns, and (subtly) through your social media and thought leadership content.

Be able to market both of these elements separately – but also think of them as two complementary entities that will sell together. Your unique, inspiring approach to mobile app design and development and your commitment to customer service should shine through just as much as your knowledge of how a mobile app can benefit your client’s business and bottom line. There is no substitute for on-par service and excellent communication.

Remind your potential clients how much they use apps in their everyday lives, and be prepared with statistics that illustrate how apps are dominating and will continue to dominate the mobile landscape vs. the mobile web. Explain the benefits of having a website along with a mobile app to cover all of their bases. With a mobile app, your potential client’s business will be at their customer’s fingertips – a critical mobile app selling point.


Show Best Examples of Your Work and Allow Your Potential Client to Envision their Own App through Your Genius

Once you get your lead through the first part of the sales funnel, they will expect much more. Real examples of your best work, whether it is in a digital portfolio or shown to your client in an in-person presentation, will allow your client to envision their app working and serving their customer base. Make the process as interactive as possible. Showcase the closest examples by industry and/or function so you are allowing your potential client to connect to the vision of their very own app.

If your potential client is able to participate in a case study, where they can take a hands-on approach and experiment with an app you’ve actually built – this is most effective.


Avoid Cost Estimation Mistakes

Avoid the quoting and cost estimation pitfalls in such a subjective pricing market. Consider your overhead costs first – you should always consider the tools and people you need to make the project happen as the centerpiece to your cost estimation plan. Other factors to consider include:

  • Native vs. Hybrid
  • Difficulty & Scope
  • App’s Intention
  • Where the App Will Go – will you charge for app submittal, for instance?
  • Is it Enterprise?
  • Testing
  • Issues and Setbacks
  • Disputes and Conflict Resolution
  • Your Client’s Budget vs. What it’ll take to get the job done
  • Hours Estimate


Anticipate Scope Creep Beforehand and Assume You’ll Be Reviewed

Both before, during, and after the project, always keep this in the back of your mind: you must have a handle on scope before you begin the mobile app project, and you must have an idea of what constitutes as scope creep so you can address it with your team, and if necessary, your clients. When doing this, or any conflict resolution, make sure you keep that precious customer service hat on. Depending on the situation, you may be reviewed on your website, on online business entities or freelance sites, and you want to make sure that your reviews and testimonials stay spotless.

The difference between a successful mobile app designer and a not-so-successful one is often in how he or she can effectively market his or her portfolio, and the unique qualities that said mobile app design brand offers. Focus on bringing your app experience and unique style to life, while supporting your client along the way, and you’ll always be prepped for success.

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