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When it comes to building a mobile app for your business, which apps can you look to, on both iPhone and Android, as the current “gold standard”? Furthermore, with the countless amount of apps on the market today, how do you know that the most popular consumer apps are necessarily the best examples for your company size, aim, and industry?

Take a look at our comprehensive list of iPhone and Android apps that will make you want to build one for your business:

Apps for iPhone:

Weather Underground Weather Underground is a free iPhone app that presents a wealth of local and environmental information in a highly customizable user interface. With Weather Underground, both the stay at home mom and meteorology student can stay engaged. Weather Underground also does another important thing with this app – they beat out some of the biggest competitors in their market in terms of usefulness. An example for businesses that: Have a lot of information that needs to be succinctly and visually communicated; an app that beats big time competitors in terms of user friendliness.

Awesome Note (+ToDo) The name of the game in today’s apps is visually compelling – and Awesome Note definitely achieves this goal. As its name suggests, this is an iPhone app that allows users to create extremely organized notes and to-do lists that are also visually pleasing. Choose colors, background images, fonts, and icons that help you make sense of your notes. It’s fun – and it’s productive. An example for businesses that: Are looking to create an organized, visually compelling app – a company who wants to take visually pleasing data to the next level.

Dragon Dictation Created by speech-recognition software maker Nuance, Dragon Dictation is a free iPhone app that works with incredible accuracy to transcribe whatever you say into text in a simple visual notepad. Tools in the app let you copy and paste the text into other apps, and you can even push it out to social media channels. It’s also helpful for people who want to keep text notes instead of audio recordings, for times if you don’t have both hands free, or are walking. An example for businesses that: Are interested in a dictation app; are interested in speech-to-text technology.

Dropbox File storing and sharing giant Dropbox has succeeded again with their iPhone app that actually makes saving files on your phone or tablet easy. These days, dependable syncing is a must, no matter what device you’re on, and the app for Dropbox allows you to add another piece of weaponry to the cloud. Best of all, it has a simple interface, uploads are a snap, and syncing is swift across all accounts. An example for businesses that: Are working in the cloud; need a dependable syncing app for their brand; would like to see a great example of a well-designed, smooth app; need to make a powerful app.

Cloze This future-forward, free iPhone app collects tweets, emails, Facebook posts, and other bits of communication from your contacts, and actually prioritizes them based on who is most important to you. It’s a useful tool for quickly gathering information about the most relevant people in your network, and it has an accompanying, powerful web app to boot. An example for businesses that: Cater to millennials; want to compare great phone apps to web apps; want to see an example of an innovative app.

Apps for Android:

Songkick Concerts If you’re a music aficionado, you may have wondered, “isn’t there an easier way to find good concerts and shows?”. Songkick is the bridge between your favorite music library artists and upcoming concerts in your area, or in any range you like (road trip!). Once you install the Android app, Songkick scans the music in your device, whether it’s from Spotify, Pandora, or 8tracks, and lets you see if your favorite artists or suggested artists are playing in your area. You can also purchase tickets directly from the app. Add multiple locations so you can always catch shows on the road. An example for businesses that: Want to personalize their client experience; are creating a music app; are creating an event app.

Adobe Photoshop Express This is a slim app that goes perfectly as a side dish to the beastly desktop software. Powerful tools help you make the most of your phone or tablet’s camera shots. This is more than filters, mind you – you can even make fine-grain adjustments in one clean interface. And yes, it’s free. An example for businesses that: Want to see a great desktop site companion example; want to create a light version of their desktop software; are creating a photo editing app.

WebMD for Android This free app is much more than just one to be used to glean a diagnosis. The WebMD app is actually packed with much of what you’ll find on its desktop site, including local healthcare listings, a quick glossary of medical terms, and even first aid information that you can access on the go. An example for businesses that: Are building a healthcare or medical app; want to see an example of a powerful app with a clean interface on Android.

Zombies, Run! Sure, this app is $3.99, but it’s one of the most creative apps on the Google Play Store. For those who find it hard to motivate themselves to exercise, this interactive app “gamifies” exercise with a storyline played over your headphones. Each episode can even be infused with songs from your personal workout playlist. As you run, you’ll find items and earn points. An example for businesses that: Are looking for a unique approach to app development; are making a fun, interactive app.

Untappd For the food and/or beverage app designer, Untappd is an excellent example of social noshing. Craft beer enthusiasts can record each brew they try out of an endless list of beers and can rate what they drank and even include tasting notes. Now, when you’re out and curious about what a beer tastes like, you can access Untappd and find out about what the beer tastes like and how much people actually like it. You can even check into local bars and earn badges. An example for businesses that: Are developing a food and beverage app; are interested in a social sharing app

Check out these apps on the App Store or Google Play Store to see for yourself – and for more app development education and information, read the NoBorder blog all 2016 long.

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