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What Programming Languages Should Young Padawans Learn?

You’re surrounded by a mind-boggling number of programming language. Which one do you choose? There isn’t necessarily a correct first language to learn – the most important thing is to pick one and jump right in! At their core, many programming languages are very similar – so once you’ve learnt one, the rest will follow much quicker.

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What to Expect in Joining a Brand New Tech Startup

Over the last 10 years, movies, television, and the news media managed to paint a dramatic, rather seductive picture of startup success – a quick rise to the top; much more sensuous and sparkling than messy and chaotic. Founding or joining up with a fresh, brand new tech startup team is an exciting possibility – but it’s also risky, demanding, and much more difficult than it looks on the Internet or TV.

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Three Steps to Planning a Project

Here at NoBorder, planning for every project consists of three fundamental steps — and it works. No matter who is on your team, or where they are located, following these steps in order can help streamline your team project process now and down the road.
Here are the three steps you need to take to achieve team project planning success.

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